EMDR Therapy

2147004303Maybe you’ve made some progress through therapy…

But the traumatic memories just won’t stop. Flashbacks, negative feelings, and nightmares still plague you.

You don’t get it. You’re doing the work, yet you still feel stuck.

The reason is that trauma has kept your brain blocked.

Well… now what?! How do you “unblock” your brain??

Your eyes may be the gateway to relief.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helps you reprocess information it’s taken in using eye movements – much the way it does during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) when you’re dreaming.

But with EMDR, we’ll target precise triggers or incidents to “work them out” of your mind.

Using a light bar on my laptop, you will follow the movement of the light with your eyes. The back-and-forth movement stimulates both sides of your brain and body. This action “reprocesses” the painful memories hindering your growth by reducing their intensity on your mind and body.

It’s a safe process in a secure environment, and you’ll be fully awake and in control the whole time.

I know it sounds weird, but it works!

When talk therapy isn’t enough…

EMDR can be the solution.

Like all trauma work, what we work on and the pace will be entirely on your terms.

It’s time to leave the trauma behind and get on with your life!

Call today for your free consultation, and we’ll discuss how EMDR can help you heal: (609) 576-8564.