Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

369093563It’s disheartening…

You’ve tried several therapists, therapies, treatments, exercises, and meds. You name it, you’ve tried it.

Therapy may have helped somewhat, but the overwhelming sadness, hopelessness, and depression never go away.

You meet each day with the same sense of dread, fear, and anxiety. It’s hard to remember the last time you felt joy and happiness.

You’re drained in every way possible… and relief seems nowhere in sight.

Getting your brain to “stop being this way”…

The answer might be psychedelic-assisted therapy.

I know what you are thinking…

“Psychedelics??!! No way!”

Yes, way!

Psychedelic-assisted therapy has been proven to help individuals make breakthroughs that talk therapy alone can’t make.

It’s yielded positive, long-lasting results for those struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or substances.

1178932327Here’s how it works…

First, a company called Journey Clinical will have its medical team evaluate you to see if you’re a candidate for this therapy. They will educate you so you fully understand the prescribed medication. If cleared, you’ll receive a prescription by mail.

The therapy then takes place in three parts:

First, we prepare you for the process. This will include work on intention, grounding, and education on the therapeutic journey ahead.

Second is the dosing session. During this psychedelic session, you will be closely monitored (in person or virtually) in a safe, supportive environment. You’ll enter an altered state of consciousness and gain access to deeper parts of your psyche. In this relaxed, meditative state, we’ll explore your inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences to rewire the parts of your brain fixated on pain and trauma.

Third is an integration session, which will take place 24-72 hours later. Here, we reflect and make sense of what you experienced in your dosing session. We’ll navigate anything that came up during your dosing session and use other therapies (e.g., Internal Family Systems or EMDR) to help you heal using new neural pathways.

This journey can offer quick, long-term relief.

If you’re desperate for something to change but feel hopeless…

Psychedelic-assisted therapy might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Let’s get you some relief!

If you have questions or would like to discuss it in more detail, call now for your free consultation: (609) 576-8564.