Trauma Recovery

1077030059You survived, but…

Your trauma makes you feel like you’re still a victim.

You never feel totally safe.

External triggers make you feel like a ticking time bomb of emotions.

You can’t relax or have fun with friends and family because you’re always hypervigilant and on edge.

On the outside, you look cool, calm, and collected… but on the inside, you’re anything but.

As if the trauma itself weren’t bad enough…

You probably feel physically sick but don’t know why.

A certain song or scene in a movie sends you into a tailspin of anger, sadness, and fear.

The flashbacks don’t care where and when they come, so they’re always looming in the back of your mind.

And the nightmares… you can’t even feel safe inside yourself while SLEEPING!

The trauma holds you hostage, dictating your every move. It’s so unfair!

1413752606Yes, trauma impacts your life, but…

It doesn’t have to define you. It alters how you see and feel about the world, but you don’t have to be its prisoner.

Trauma therapy can help you make breakthroughs, cope with the past, decrease triggers, and build resiliency.

There are specific therapies we’ll use that are centered on compassion and empathy. We’ll always work through the trauma on YOUR terms; you’ll never be pushed into places you don’t want to go.

In therapy, we’ll build your inner strength and heal your mind and spirit!

You can reclaim your life.

But you’ll have to face the trauma.

But together, we’ll break through and break free!

You’ve already survived; now, it’s time to thrive.

It does get better. Call today, and we’ll talk more during your free consultation: (609) 576-8564.